DIY Pet Crafts – Little to No Cost

Hello from the craft box! Hope you are all having a blessed Sunday. I’ve certainly had better, but my little love bug has made it a better day! My fur baby of course! Her name is Zera. She’s a Siberian Husky that has stolen mine and Jordan’s heart. So celebrating her 9 weeks of life, I thought I would do a post about some of the best DIY Pet Crafts I could find on Pinterest that I can’t wait to try!



1. No Sew Heart Dog Toy

found at


2. Sock Chew Toy

found at


3. T-shirt Yarn Dog Toy

found at


4. DIY Modern Dip-Dyed Rope Leash

found at


5. DIY Dog Teepees

found at


Are those not the cutest DIY projects you’ve ever seen?! I love the teepee one! Be sure to check out theses great projects and comment below the pictures of your furry friends with their new toys and dens!

Until next time!

Keep Crafting,



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